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  2021, Vol. 2 Issue (3): 163-176    doi: 10.23919/ICN.2021.0012
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Received: 07 April 2021      Online: 14 December 2021
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Variable Parameter Value
$ D $ Dimensions of network 500×500×500 m3
$ ({x_s},{y_s},{z_s}) $ Sink node location (250, 250, 0)
$N$ Number of sensor nodes 500
$ {E_0} $ Initial energy of node 5 J
$ f $ Acoustic frequency 10 kHz
$ R $ Transmission range 100 m
$ v $ Velocity of acoustic waves 1500 m/s
$ \eta $ Data aggregation ratio 0.2
$ {P_t} $ Power sent by sensor node 5 nJ/bit
$ {P_\eta } $ Aggregate power of sensor node 5 nJ/bit
$ {P_r} $ Power received by sensor node 5 nJ/bit
$ {l_b} $ Broadcast packet size 32 bit
$ {l_d} $ Average data packet size 1024 bit
$ \alpha ,\;\beta ,\gamma $ Factors in objective function [0, 1]
Different situation Round number
First node die Last node die
Clustering 74 497
Non-clustering 149 832
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